Please read our delivery & shipping FAQ before sending us a message.

The item will send out after email confirmation from the buyer and estimate to arrive to your delivery address within 10~14 working days (excluding weekends & public holidays) . Please note there will be delay on delivery duration during peak holiday day or season

Note: If the design confirmation isn’t made by customer, the item will not be proceed to the next step. (Either Printing/Delivery)

We provide FREE DELIVERY within Malaysia for orders over RM120 and above. A flat rate of RM8 postage for West Malaysia & RM 13 postage for East Malaysia will be charged for orders below RM120.

For Shipping to Singapore , we will charge a flat rate of RM38 and there is no free shipping offer.

Currently we only ship within Malaysia & Singapore. If you have intention to buy our products from other countries, you may contact us by email to [email protected] or you can direct message us by using the live chat !

Once we have shipped, you will receive your tracking number in an email, which you can then use to track your parcel at (Please allow some time for PosLaju to update their system)

You may drop us an email at [email protected] or find us at the live chat as soon as possible. Once the parcel is sent out, we won’t be able to help you change the shipping details.